Self Regulation

ot 01 tnSelf-regulation skills are linked to how well children manage many tasks during early childhood. With these skills, children are more able to manage difficult and stressful events that occur as part of life. Some children require a great deal of assistance to overcome difficulties in taking in and responding to information from their senses, and to achieve the levels of self-regulation they need to interact with and explore the world around them.

Our skilled occupational therapists work with kids to help teach strategies and tactics that are unique to them and their individual personalities and and needs. To ensure effective therapeutic programs, our OT’s work closely with families to promote strategies for self-regulation at home, in the community and at school. Our OT’s partner with families throughout the process and share tips and resources to help the child be as successful as possible when learning and using the tools and strategies created for them.

By teaching children how to recognize their stressors and introducing strategies to manage their responses and behaviors, kids learn to master the skill of self-regulation and are better equipped to learn, grow, and succeed at home, in the classroom, and within the daily activities that are meaningful to them and their families.

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Thrive Therapy Center is presently looking for highly motivated and energetic speech, OT and ABA therapists desiring to join a new and different therapy center for children and teenagers with autism.

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