Adaptive Skills

ot 07 tnAdaptive behaviors are everyday living skills such as getting dressed, going to school, going to work, preparing a meal, cleaning the house, etc. They are skills that a person learns in the process of adapting to his/her surroundings.

Adaptive skills are defined as practical, everyday skills needed to function and meet the demands of one's environment, including the skills necessary to effectively and independently take care of oneself and to interact with other people.

Adaptive skills training is an essential component for quality of life, success in the community and community integration. All of our therapists focus on interventions that promote independence and facilitate community placement.

Each of our team members work collaboratively to create programs that improve daily life experiences.


Thrive Therapy Center is presently looking for highly motivated and energetic speech, OT and ABA therapists desiring to join a new and different therapy center for children and teenagers with autism.

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